Our mission

The Portland Clean Energy Fund is a story about us creating our own clean energy future, where new renewable energy and energy efficiency investments improve our homes, improve our city’s environment, train our workers, and support our businesses. Through the Portland Clean Energy Fund, we will lift up a community-led vision that builds resilience and wealth in the face of climate change and federal inaction. Our community can take proactive steps to fight climate change while addressing social and economic inequity by providing major new economic opportunities for low-income Portlanders, including women and communities of color.  

Cities all over the world are taking the lead on responding to climate change. In the United States over 1,000 Mayors have signed the Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. Unfortunately in the U.S. there is a lack of funding at the local level to implement the types of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that could meaningfully reduce greenhouse gas emissions while creating family-wage jobs.

Here in Portland progress has been made, but despite the stated goal of achieving climate solutions while creating jobs for local residents not benefiting from the current economic engine, low-income Portlanders have largely been left out of the process and the gains. 

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